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Timesaving Availity Tips: Finding Physical Therapy Benefits, Viewing EOPs


Timesaving Availity Tips: Finding Physical Therapy Benefits, Viewing EOPs

Your feedback helps us make meaningful changes within Availity as quickly as possible. Here are some helpful reminders, thanks to questions we’re hearing from providers.

How far back can I go to check the status of a claim, eligibility and benefits, and explanation of payments (EOPs) through Availity?
You can go back up to 2 years for claim status, eligibility/benefits, and EOPs.

How can I see my EOP from a claim or within the Availity Remittance Viewer tool?
You can view Premera check and EOP information by clicking on Claims & Payment and then Remittance Viewer.

If you haven’t already validated a check for Premera business, you’ll need to do that first to see your payment information. If you need help validating a check or viewing your EOPs for Premera plans, you can watch a demo or click on the “Need help getting access to EOPs?” link located at the top of the page. Otherwise, the check information and EOPs will display on the page based on the date span criteria entered.

Note: Medicare Advantage, Individual, and Shared Administration plan check and EOP information isn’t supported through Availity. Shared administration checks and EOPs are hard copy only.

If you’re viewing a claim in Availity through Claim Status, you can click on the Remittance Viewer tab at the top of the claim page to go to the check and EOP information.

When you land on the Remittance Viewer page, you’ll land on the Claim tab. You’ll need to click on the Check/EFT tab to find the check and EOP information for that claim.

Where is the benefit information for acupuncture, chiropractic, or physical therapy?

To view information about a specific benefit, select Acupuncture, Chiropractic, or Physical Therapy under the Benefit/ Service Type when running an eligibility and benefit transaction.

Note: If there isn’t a limit listed, there is no annual limit. However, note that medical necessity and billing guidelines still apply.