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New Medicare Advantage Pharmacy Programs

January 4, 2024

Premera is introducing two new pharmacy vendors to help members manage the cost of their prescription drugs:

Rx Savings Solutions

Rx Savings Solutions works with members to help them save on their prescriptions. Members who enrolled in the Rx Savings Solutions program will receive a full review of their current medications. If Rx Savings Solutions finds a more affordable option, they will work with the retail pharmacy, the member, and the provider to change the prescription.

This is convenient for members because Rx Savings Solutions does all the outreach and coordination. If your patient signs up for this program, be aware that you’ll likely receive a phone call from Rx Savings Solution for your approval to change a drug, form, or quantity.


RxPartner is a new drug savings program we’ll begin offering during the first quarter of this year. This program works behind-the-scenes to help members save on high-priced prescription drugs. This includes medications that are excluded from Medicare such as erectile dysfunction drugs or vitamins. It’s an embedded discount card program.

When the member’s pharmacy processes a medication, the discount will automatically be applied. There are no coupon codes that members need to submit to the pharmacy, and all Premera Medicare Advantage plan members will have this benefit. This program will provide significant savings for your patients.